Thursday, January 15, 2009

supermotos rock

KTM 990 supermoto
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...even big bloatacious ones like this KTM.

Long travel suspension turns the WORST roads into the MOST fun.

They're pretty much good for most tasks - can turn a mundane commute across town into "race-boy fantasy camp". I wouldn't recommend riding one from L.A. to Chicago in 2 days, but I know it's possible. (Done it ONCE... never again.)

The XR650 in the above Slideshow was my daily ride for years. These days, factories all over the world are churning out this style of bike.

That's progress, baby.

There is a recession depression going on... You could maybe hit up eBay Motors and buy a used one or roll-your-own on the cheap. All it takes is buying a dual-sport/enduro, getting 17" rims laced on and mounting a big rotor and caliper offset bracket.

Maximum fun - Minimum outlay of cash.

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