Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow motorcycles

Waiting for spring, looking out the window at the snow. What I need is a SNOW-BIKE.
snow runner motorcycle
Out of China, the Snow Runner (pictured above). Probably not in North America yet.

An American company in Idaho, 2Moto, manufactures bolt-on kits for your dirtbike they call the Radix. As proof of its strength (and their own insanity) they mounted one on a turbocharged 650 Husaberg. Nice.

The concept goes back to the late 70s with the Chrysler Snorunner.

There's also the ready-to-run Snow Hawk, available in adult and child sizes.

And there's the Explorer track kit from AD Boivin Mfg.

NONE of them in my front yard. All I got is snow.

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