Monday, January 19, 2009

Got Mid-life-crisis?

2009 yamaha vmax
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Well then. This will cure your ills when a suitcase full of Viagra and Roofies fall short. The 2009 V-Max.

Even guys like me, who aren't into the whole "Boulevard Cruiser" muscle-bike thing, give a nod of respect to the balls-out insanity of such machines.

210 horsepower? TWO-hundred-ten... HOLYJEEZZUZGAWD!

Thank you Yanaha. I'm sure your attorneys are NOT pleased.

Yeah, I can picture myself aboard a V-Max with a broadsword slung on my back... wandering the post apocalypse urban wastelands - foraging for food and slaying vampire-zombies in my spare time.

What? It could happen.

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