Thursday, October 31, 2013

resurrection, part 4... low buck hacks

I found an in-line fuel filter in a box full of odds and ends. Realized it could be repepurposed, but needed a custom fitting. A scrap of aluminum bar stock went on the lathe.

see the rest of the story...

A bit of drilling/tapping/threading and this is the result:

Compared to the original reservoir, we save space (to stuff other, more important turbo-related items into). Plus I like the look.

"Custom" graphic treatment of exhaust heat shield. This is why Sharpies were invented.

Minimal nubbins for securing the air horn (the bit of conduit from part 2) of this series. A bit of weld build up then ground down on an chop saw's abrasive wheel.

I might have done it TOO minimal. Just the barest of nubs.

filter mounted.


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