Tuesday, October 29, 2013

resurrection, Part 3

A bunch of stuff completed in the past few days. Some highlights here:

The ignition pickup cover (right side of crankshaft) looks like a welding practice piece. That's because it is. My first crack at aluminum welding years ago.
The mounting hole was cramped by this boss and had to use a threaded stud in the engine case with a nut to secure this cover. To get a short bolt to fit required more clearance. Thus the hacksaw you see here.

(a bunch more pictures and details below)

file it smooth-ish.

A bolt ("machine screw") can now tuck in behind.

I could have welded on another aluminum chunk, then drilled and threaded it to accept this pneumatic cylinder.... but I'm getting lazier in my old age. So a castle nut roughed up with sandpaper, then epoxied on with "JB Weld" is almost as good and did I mention I'm lazy?

Look at that. The cylinder screws right on.

And the cover fits perfect.

And what's this? An access hole so an allen wrench can torque down the machine screw tucked in behind the boss. We call this "maintenance friendly". Anyone who has wrenched on factory-built, production line vehicles can attest to the inherent maintenance UN-friendliness out there in the wild.

Oh. You're probably wondering why a big-ass pneumatic cylinder is scabbed into a custom cover. This will be used to retard the ignition timing a few degrees while under boost.

Now you can buy your billet-anium geegaws from yer Pro bike shops and Specialty Parts manufacturers... impressing your friends and making the ladies moist with your deep pocketed awesomeness.

...or you can do like me and buy cheap crapola from the J.C.Whitney catalog. Witness these generic looking eyesores here:

This one is all up in the air, looking like it was just stolen from a mongoloid's rusty moped. No Bueno.

Hit with a torch (and bent to the angle that God meant it to be at) helps to convert Ass to Class. Way to polish a turd.

Rainbow burn marks = Maximum Macho.

Tip of the day: To dress cuts, use blue masking tape in lieu of Band Aids. You're in the shop. You're gonna be washing your hands and changing it several times a day. Its way quicker and easier.

That's all for today.

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