Friday, January 15, 2010

Free motorcycle museum

Kiehl's New York
109 Third Avenue
Between 13th & 14th Streets
New York, NY 10003
My girlfriend likes to go to Kiehl's sometimes to get chick stuff - you know: lotions and crap. I don't mind her being a "slow-eee" shopper when we're there because they have antique motorcycles on display (which I always obsess over).

They are a small part of the owner's collection.

I noticed on the placard for an old Indian that it was owned by Steve McQueen. It also mentioned that it is never ridden, which I thought was sad. Steve McQueen was a rider. To him, the thought of putting a bike in a glass case would probably make him itchy - wanting to take a hammer to the glass and bust it free. Maybe even hacksaw off a fender or two... scab on a bash plate and sail it over some whoops in the Mojave desert. Oh yes.

Old bikes are for riding. The awesome clowns at motorcycle cannonball -dot- com are doing just that, god bless their crazy little hearts. In September they will be riding pre-1916 motorcycles across the country. The "Wyman Cup" is named in honor of George Wyman and his cross country ride of 1903. That was the very first time anyone went coast to coast on a motor bike, and motor bikes at the time were more like mopeds of today. Mr. Wyman had to follow railroad tracks for much of his journey - there were no interstate highways, there weren't many major roads.

and now... pictures of old bikes at jurassic racing -dot- com:

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